What is Pre-Preneurs ?

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Successful Entrepreneurs are contributing to economic growth (Goal No. 8 on the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs). Trends showed 80% of newly startups are failing within the first year of business and 50% of startups are likely to fail within the 2nd year. The Global Entrepreneurship Index report showed the environment became less friendly to entrepreneurship and being an Entrepreneur became harder.


  • Graduates needs for Entrepreneurship don’t match the actual outcomes.
  • Students having weak culture of Entrepreneurship and
    • facing problems in choosing their major.
  • Universities are finding difficulties in engaging students on research.
  • There is a little University- Industry Collaboration (Global Competitive Index- BCG).
  • Employers value problem solving, teamwork and written communication skills on fresh graduates.
  • Graduates entering higher education programs shows gaps between their entrepreneurial potential.

Business Idea

The business idea of Pre-Preneurs has developed after extensive research on, Global Competitive Index, Global Entrepreneurship Index, UN Global Compact and SDGs’ annual report, Entrepreneurship education and intentions of undergraduates, the Theory of Planned Behavior, Cultural Dimensions and the Technology Acceptance Model TAM.


“Creating Entrepreneurial Persona to Undergraduates”


“At Pre-Preneurs

Undergraduates will be motivated and engaged with their Educational Institutions.

Schools, Colleges & Universities will be more Collaborated with Industries”

Pre-Preneurs Market Size

Four different parties can join the platform ( and interact after they Perceived it Usefulness (PU), Perceived it Ease to Use (PEOU) and Perceived it Safe (PS).

  • Undergraduates: According to UNESCO, 155 Million University students worldwide.
  • Educational Institutions: direct the research and assignments to market needs and regulations
  • Companies, Governments & NGOs: Post your challenges and collaborate with University’s research lap. Sponsor projects / talents. Contribute to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals SDGs towards 2030 Agenda.
  • Mentors & Professors: qualified mentors and professors are encouraged to volunteering provide support in different topics.

What we do? Pre-Preneurs is:  

  • Preparation stage of undergraduates before being Entrepreneurs.
  • A free exchange platform for undergraduates to show their homework, class assignments
  • Helping undergraduates to be motivated, to find their major and get engaged with universities.
  • Enhancing the level of collaboration between industries and universities.

Check Pre-Preneurs website , create your account and follow the steps to post your project or challenge

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