Schools & Universities Benefits from Joining Pre-Preneurs Platform

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Do you want to Engage more with Students in Research?

Do Companies Collaborate/ Support your Researcher’s Lab?

The United Nations Global Compact initiated 17 Sustainable Development Goals SDSs. Quality Education is Goal No.4. Worldwide companies who join the UNGC SDGs are required to work through the 17 Goals.

Schools/ Universities by joining Pre-Preneurs platform, you can submit a Call of Action, including your challenge and ask students to work on it in a collaboration with Industries.

Schools you may want to raise the awareness of specific topic to undergraduates. A company can offer some small prizes to the best Student’s article.

Universities you need to make your student’s graduation projects more useful and according to market needs. Pre-Preneurs platform will show your Call of Action to Industry, NGOs and Government. And they may provide support to your Research labs.

Dr. Sharon Brehm, the 2007 President of the American Psychological Association APA stated “I believe that Undergraduates Research is one of the three most valuable experience that Colleges and Universities can offer to their undergraduates students” and “we would add that engaging in research can be Enjoyable and Rewarding for Students as well as their Faculty Mentors”.

The idea of Pre-Preneurs is to fostering Students interest in research and fostering in Quality Research

Check create your account and follow the steps to post your project or challenge


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