Education 2020

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Pre-Preneurs will allow students to submit their homework and show it and allows qualified professors to voluntary evaluate it and give feedback on it.

Pre-Preneurs will allow Companies, NGOs and Government to access undergraduate’s projects, provide support and sponsor talents. Prepare your future candidates to meet your requirements.

The Pre-Preneurs platform is designed to enable and increase the level of collaboration & communications between undergraduates, educational institutions, companies, governments & professors .
– Students will show their work & find challenges
– Educational institutions will solve business challenges.
– Companies will discover work done by students and educational institutions & find talents.

  • : 1.4 Billion Students worldwide are forced to stay home. Schools and Universities are forced to work online. Undergraduates will submit millions of projects, case analysis, writing articles, .etc. How serious were the students? And will they receive feedback?
  • : Pre-Preneurs is helping Schools and Universities to engage more effectively online with students during and after the Corona Crisis
  • : Four different parties can join the platform ( and interact after they Perceived it Usefulness (PU), Perceived it Ease to Use (PEOU) and Perceived it Safe (PS). 1-Undergraduate, 2-Educational Institutions, 3-Companies, NGOs & Governments,4-Mentors
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