Corona Effects

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Corona Virus had made the whole world to stay at home but it did effect some jobs for examples the coffee shops are closed so the manger is not getting money but not like the supermarkets are still opening the whole day and they are gaining more money than usual because everyone is staying home and they need food and drinks and its a perfect time for them to sell their products with more money and still people will buy them but  the uber divers were working all day along before the Covid19 and making money but when the Corona Virus came it stopped them from working all day along and the Corona Virus did affect all sports players like football,soccer,tennis and basketball players

  • : in this article, i will write about the Corona Virus impact to business. Corona Virus was first created case was in China.
  • : Some business and people are in big problems these days.
  • : the government should proved some money to workers or they can work online and gain money

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