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Companies! Do you participate to achieve the United Nations Global Compact’s initiative (SDGs) towards 2030 Agenda? (Check Global Compact Local Network by the UN). Are you a signatory?

The United Nations objective is Accelerating National SDGs Implementation through Companies and Government.


Pre-Preneurs platform is designed to improve Quality Education (SDG 4), through increasing the level of engagement between students and educational institutions and also increasing the University-Industry’s Collaboration


Pre-Preneurs idea has developed after an extensive research on.

1)The United Nations 10 principles

2)The 17 Global Compact’s Sustainable Development Goals

3)Uniting to deliver Technology for Global Goals 2030 Vision

4)Business for Peace

5)SDG Campus

6)The SDG Report 2019

7)UN Global Compact 2018 annual management report

8)UNGC A call of action for sustainable business

9)Extensive research on Global Compact offices in (Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, MENA, North America & Oceania) regions, the 68 countries included, date of join, number of participants of each, and their activities on social media’s channels.

According to the 2018 annual management report, 1,528 new participants joined and 1,277 de-listed from UNGC Local Network.

Pre-Preneurs will accelerate the work towards 2030 Agenda, includes.

1-A call of Action: Pre-Entrepreneurs; Most of Incubators or Angel Investors are focusing and supporting existing startups, however, studies indicated that 50% of startups are failing in the first year of business, and 80% of startups failed in the 2nd year (ABA- American Business Association). The entrepreneurship education is only available at Universities and postgraduates’ studies. Additionally, studies on entrepreneurship concluded that there is no link between entrepreneurship education and real business. Thus, the Pre-Preneurs Action Platform is designed to promote entrepreneurial mindset to undergraduates. The direct outcome will increase the number of successful startups, which will link to achieve higher economic growth (Goal 8)

2- Enhance University-Industry Collaboration: How many graduation projects submitted each year? How serious the students were? An action Platform will be designed to invite Industries at Local Networks to show their challenges and ask Universities to research their problems. This will motivate and inspire students to do their best and get promoted into the market. (Goal 4&9)

3- Implementing the Theory of Planned Behavior: increasing the awareness of SDGs to individuals and undergraduates. They will sign the Communication on Progress in the near future.


Check Pre-Preneurs Platform, Create your account under Companies, NGOs or Government, Follow the steps and submit a Call of Action that let Undergraduates work with Universities


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