Creating Entrepreneurial Persona to Undergraduates


At Pre-Preneurs
Undergraduates will be motivated & engaged with their Educational Institutions.
Schools, Colleges & Universities will be more collaborated with Industries

Values 5Cs

  • Communications
  • Collaborations
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativities
  • Creating Culture

About Pre-Preneurs

  • Pre-Preneurs is the Preparation stage of undergraduates before being Entrepreneurs.
  • Pre-Preneurs is a free exchange platform for undergraduates to show their homework, class assignments, case analysis & projects or any business idea.
  • Pre-Preneurs platform will increase the undergraduates motivation and help them to find their major. Also Pre-preneurs will increase the level of engagement between students and their schools or universities.
  • Pre-Preneurs platform is designed to increase the level of collaboration between industries and educational institutions.

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