What is Pre-Preneurs?

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Pre-Preneurs Platform

Pre-Preneurs is the preparation stage of School’s Undergraduates before being Successful Entrepreneurs or joining the workforce Effective and Efficient. Pre-Preneurs is the direct outcome from an extensive and combined research to develop the idea and to develop the platform. Below our research topics in Bold, 13 problems found, 3 theories used and the 4 different parties who can join with its benefits for each group.

Startups– 1-80% are likely to fail in the 2nd year

Entrepreneurship Education– 2-Only on Higher Education 3-Graduates need for entrepreneurship do not match the actual outcomes- 4-Graduates entering higher education programs shows gaps between their entrepreneurial potential.

Employers– 5-Value problem solving, teamwork and written communication skills on fresh graduates and 6-Face difficulties finding the right candidates

Universities- 7-find difficulties in engaging students on research

Undergraduates– 8-Having weak culture of Entrepreneurship- 9-Facing problems in choosing their major

Global Competitive Index GCI- 10-Less University-Industry’s Collaboration

Global Entrepreneurship Index GEI -11-Environment became less friendly to entrepreneurship

12-Being an Entrepreneur became harder.

UNGC Sustainable Development Goals SDGs– 13-The World is far towards 2030 Agenda

Finding’s Conclusion

Studying Entrepreneurship on Higher Education only is not enough to expect Entrepreneurial mindset and behavior on Graduates who either form a startup (with higher failure rate) or joining the workforce as an employee (with less skills).

Entrepreneurship should be learned from Middle Schools through Pre-Preneurs using

1-The Theory of Planned behavior: -Attitude and Subjective Norms are positive corelated with Intention -Intention has the best predictors of planned behavior

2-The Technology Acceptance Model TAM: To increase the platform’s usages: Individuals will perceive Pre-Prenenurs is PU Perceived Useful, PEOU Perceived Ease Of Use, PS Perceived Safe

3-Hofested’s Cultural Dimensions: Uncertainty Avoidance UA & Collectivism. -UA; how they feel threatened by unknown situation (Fear of failure and taking risks) -Belonging to groups, behavior based on believes and social norms

Who Can Join Pre-Preneurs Platform?

  • Companies / Industry
    1. Post challenges to students and schools
    2. Support and Collaborate with schools
    3. Prepare your future employees with your desired skills
    4. Sponsor talents and projects.
  • NGOs / Government
    1. Post Challenges to Students, Schools and Companies
    2. Support and Collaborate with Stakeholders
    3. Guide, fine-tune, facilitate and policy making
  • Schools
    1. Post challenges to Companies, NGOs, and Government
    2. Engage more with students
  • Undergraduates
    1. Respond to challenges post by Companies, Government and Schools
    2. Post their homework, class assignments, projects, case analysis
    3. Prepare for work life while studying

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